PSLE/Primary School Students Mind Maps Training Workshop

Mind Maps Training Course for PSLE/Primary School Students

Primary school students can profit tremendously from applying mind maps in their education.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Introduction to Mind Maps.

Lesson 2: The right way to making Mind Maps.

Lesson 3: 8 reasons how Mind Maps can help you.

Lesson 4: How does your brain work on Mind Maps.

Lesson 5: The correlation between Mind Maps and critical thinking.

Lesson 6: 4 way how Mind Maps encourages creativity.

Lesson 7: How to use Mind Maps for English.

Lesson 8:How to use Mind Maps for Math.

Lesson 9: How to use Mind Maps for Science.

Lesson 10: How Mind Maps can help you improve your memory.

Course Duration

1 Full Day Course

From 9am to 5 pm

Course Location

Waterloo Street (Brash Basah)

Course Dates

Contact us below for latest course dates.

Contact Us

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