Dyslexic Students Memory Improvement Training Courses & Workshops for PSLE/Primary School Students in Singapore

Every Dyslexic Primary School Student Can Drastically Improve Their Memory.


About This Course

A primary school dyslexic student may feel mentally abused by their classmates or teachers within the primary school environment, because of their learning difficulties. These primary school students can be made to feel very different from their classmates simply because they may be unable to follow simple instructions, which for others seem easy.

One of the problem that dyslexic student have is memory. For example, with poor auditory short term memory these primary school students may find it difficult to even remember a short list of instructions.

In this course, primary school students will be exposed to the worlds best memory improvement techniques to boost their memory power significantly. What’s more is that this course is taught by Mr.Sancy Suraj, who went from a dyslexic student to a memory expert and teacher.

Course Objectives

At the end of this workshop, students will be able to:

  1. Effectively use Memory Methods for Quick Memorisation & Recall.
  2. Reduce Rote Memorisation, Thus Saving Valuable Time During Studying.
  3. Learn To Effectively Store Information in Long-term Memory.
  4. Top 3 Tips To Triple Your Memorisation & Recall.
  5. Learn to Explore & Develop Your Creative, Visual & Imaginative Skills.
  6. 2 Techniques to Drastically Improve Concentration & Attention.
  7. Learn How You Can Develop A Higher Self-Confidence By Improving Your Memory.
  8. Learn A Simple Technique To Use Mental Filling That Will Prevent You from “Blanking Out” During Exams.
  9. Learn To Master The Ultimate 7 Memory Techniques To Memorise Any Piece of Information For Your Exams.
  10. Learn To Incorporate Both Sides of the Brain For Rapid Memorisation & Recall.
  11. How You Can 10X Your Memory In The Next 21 Days.

Subject Applications


  • Learn A Simple Memory Technique To Help You Remember New Vocabularies & Idioms, Proverbs, Synonyms.
  • A Simple Strategy To Help You Remember Key Phrases & Expressions for Composition & Letter Writing.
  • 5 Tips To Help You Improve Your Spelling Drastically.
  • 1 Memory Method To Help You Memorise Powerful Descriptive Sentences for Compositions.


  • Simple Method To Memorise Mathematical Formulas.
  • 5 Powerful Tips To Avoid Careless Mistakes.


  • Easy ways to Memorise all Scientific Laws, Definitions, Concepts & Theories.
  • The Best Way To Memorise Scientific Vocabulary, Terminology, Conversions & Formulas.
  • How To Easily Memorise & Recall Essay Questions for Theory Papers.

Strategies We Use In This Course to Teach Our Primary School Students

The task of gaining a dyslexic students’ attention and engaging them for a period of time requires a couple of teaching and managing techniques. Teaching and interactions should provide a successful learning experiences for each dyslexic student. Some of the ways we enhance successful interaction and knowledge transfers are:

1.Student’s Workbook Layout: Student workbook only contain instructions needed for the exercise without any unnecessary detail as these could be distracting. It also has a clear layout, short sentences and an uncomplicated structure.

2.Use of Illustrations: Images that exemplify sentences or unfamiliar words.

3.Repeating Instructions: Students who have difficulty following instructions are often helped by asking them to repeat the directions in their own words.

4.Breaking down Instructions: Instructions are broken down into different subsets by presenting only one portion at a time.

5.Providing copies of lecture notes: We give a copy of lecture notes to each students who have difficulty taking notes during Course.

6.Combining verbal and visual information: Verbal information are provided with visual displays.

7.Providing additional practices: Students require different amounts of practice to master the memory improvement skills. Many students with dyslexia requires additional practice to learn at a fluency level which we cater for.

8.Small group teaching: We take in a maximum of 3 students per class for individual catered learning.

9.Pre-Teach New & Important Concepts: Before each concept is taught, we go through a simple exercise to get the students to understand what they will be learning.

10.Making Learning Fun: This workshop has plenty of fun games and quizzes to make learning and the transfer of knowledge fun for students. Because of the level or excitement and enjoyment that comes from learning each memory improvement techniques, time will seem to fly by for each student.

Course Teacher

Mr. Sancy Suraj

Enthusiastically welcomed as an engaging and inspirational dynamic teacher, and powerful story teller, Sancy Suraj has consulted with a wide variety of public and professional private sectors around the globe. His passion for the subject emancipates his genuine goal of helping his students.

His highly unique and motivating workshops are also well known for their high quality content backed up by his lighthearted humor and entertaining style of delivery. These qualities coupled with energizing sessions are insightful and thus encourages his students to harness their true memory potential.

  • Founder & Chief Trainer at Pinnacle Minds.
  • Held The World Record Holder for Longest Colour Sequence Memorised.
  • Represented Singapore in the 2011 World Memory Olympics Championships.

Course Duration

  • 1 Full Day
  • 9 am to 5 pm 

Course Location

  • Waterloo Street (Nearest MRT Brash Basah)

Course Materials

  • Memory Mastery Workbook For Primary School Dyslexic Students.
  • Memory Mastery Videos For Primary School Dyslexic Students. (Downloadable)

Course Dates

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